Bug Wooden Accessories is a fashion accessory brand from Latvia. We are looking for new retail places in and your store came in to our attention as a great place for design products. Your product selection is in line with similar shops where we are already successfully selling in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Denmark. If you are interested in cooperation please let us know and we'll send you our wholesale price catalog.
Dzintars & Madara
BUG Team

About our brand

We believe in the beauty of wood, inspired by its unpredictable lines and wide variety of different colors. Our team works with the aim of reintroducing wood in contemporary world and to expand the use of wood in fashion accessory industry. Wood is the best material to express our creativity and the best way how we can bring design ideas to life. By taking knowledge from Latvian woodworking heritage we have achieved high quality product.

Our products

Bug Wooden Accessories are hand crafted using oak, walnut, maple, mahogany, amaranth, rosewood and zebrawood veneers. Natural wood texture is highlighted with either wax or lacquer. Each bow consists of three layers. Only the sturdiest and most flexible wood is chosen to form the special three dimensional shape of the bow tie.


We produce

  • Wooden bow ties
  • Wooden cufflinks
  • Wooden tie clips
  • Wooden flasks
  • Bowtie and cufflink set
  • Tie clip and cufflink set

We offer

  • Finished product with elegant gift box
  • Packaging adapted to store display requirements
  • A reliable partner with 5 year experience in foreign markets
  • Favourable delivery terms 1 - 2 weeks
  • Free shipping


Transformable boxes for stores

Wooden flasks

High quality stainless steel flasks wrapped in hardwood veneers. Wooden flask is pleasant to hold in hands, material gives warm sense. This is an accessory for gentleman with no fear of being original. We want to remind of the link between people and nature by connecting its wilderness with the precision of human handiwork.