Our Story

Bug Wooden Accessories Team

The idea of BUG is to transform a classic gentlemen’s bow tie into an interesting wooden accessory. BUG is a refined handwork with the added value of great design.  BUG wants to remind of the link between people and nature by connecting the wildness of nature with the precision of human handwork.Logo of BUG was inspired by interpreting the shape of a bow tie as a bug, a butterfly. It has spread its wings and wants to explore the world by trying to find its right place and master.BUG's are hand crafted using oak, maple, wenge, mahogany, purpleheart and zebrawood. Natural wood texture is higlighted with either linseed oil , wax or shellac polish. Each wood has its own unique pattern, that generates new ideas and offers opportunities for using new types of wood in the future. Only the best wood is chosen, it needs to be flexible enough for forming the special shape of the bow tie. BUG team consists of three creative individuals – Dzintars Volmanis, Roberts Strautnieks and Madara Lesīte. They are all experts in their own specific fields. Together they work in a workshop “Mirdza”. Dzintars and Roberts are qualified restorers. Knowledge of wood and its many properties and processing has been gained from the experience in restoration, it is applied daily in the process of creating BUG accessories. Madara Lesīte is responsible for the design and advertising. Madara graduated master’s studies at the Art Academy of Latvia, in the Department of Visual communication.When artisan skills are combined with creativity, a unique design and product is created.BUG is hand crafted and its creators ensure that each wooden accessory meets requirements for the highest quality and standards.